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About me

Barbara Kohlbrenner
— Personal Image consultant


I am a personal image consultant because I believe that everyone can look attractive and draw strength from itsmile more and be more empowered to reach for their dreams.

I teach how to emphasize assets of the figure and highlight one’s resorces in order to look attractive – regardless of age, size and budget.

Image for me is much more than clothes. It’s about reinventing oneself sending a message to the world about who we are who we want to be and how we would like others to see us. It is in many ways a tool, which is made to strengthen us and help us achieve our goals.

After studies and specialization in Management and Marketing, for many years I worked in a corporation. I was responsible for the image of the company and its brands. I oversaw marketing communications and contact with media. I organized fairs and special events.

As a graduate of the Monika Jaruzelska’s School of Style under the auspices of ELLE. I had the opportunity to get know a lot of inspiring people from the fashion world – journalist, designers, stylists and people crazy about fashion. That was the moment I had found my life’s vocation.

Over the years I have developed a keen sense of visual aesthetics applied to clothes and accessories. I am able to choose those which are the most interesting and compose them into a harmonious palette for different individuals of all types.

For me , the key to STYLE lies in one’s aura and personality. It is essential to take the right direction, avoid common mistakes of choosing, miss matching, over or under accessorizing.
Most of all it is essential to avoid the generic “cookie cutter” image of mass production wardrobes.

Through careful listening and observation I am able suggest, advise and construct a unique style ideally crafted for all of my clients individual needs.

I can help you to define, create and maintain your unique style.

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 “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe

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