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The inspiration

The Inspiration

I will teach you how to dress in accordance with existing trends, but always emphasizing your personality. Garments must be carefully chosen to accentuate your body’s advantages while dissimulating imperfections in a comfortable and effortless way. Dressing is a form of communicating with the world around you. Begin by choosing a personally inspired wardrobe and you’ll notice how it will impact your professional and personal relationships.

Wouldn’t it be a more pleasant experience starting the day dressing in a way that does not take too much time and energy? What if you could just glide through the morning rush by throwing on clothes you look great in and you make you feel incredible. Remember they way you feel is also how others will see you.

I will teach you how to combine clothes and accessories and what to absolutely avoid. You will see how clothing can work miracles and I will show you how you can look younger and thinner! I will personally formulate your individual fashion guideline which will help you easily assemble your daily or special occasions wardrobe.

I will show you which choices to make from an array of fashion and changing trends while avoiding clichés. Fashion is intended only as inspiration, thanks to which your image will be stylish and expressive.

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“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” —Marc Jacobs

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